Head / Brain Injuries from whatever source, external (physical trauma) or internal stroke ...can and will often have long lasting effects if not treated appropriately.   Once the obvious medical ~ life threatening brain swelling is ruled out, it is the secondary neurological factors that play a significant role.  Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T. /N.O.W.)   is a swift and easy method to successfully address many of these parameters that effect our future health.

The key variables that need to be addressed are:
  • Obvious mechanical issues of cranial bone and spinal alignment.  These components are standard within the chiropractic profession.
  • The long-term memory of a trauma.  If the injury was significant and has created an emotional anchor, then our nervous may recall it and can be the responsible trigger in future episodes of symptomology.  This is often so when one appears to respond in an exaggerated way to what should have been a simple self-resolving minor trauma.   It is this phenomena that thwarts standard medical care.  How does one treat a memory recall? What does one treat, the apparent physical component or the past memory?
    You may experience that excessive physical treatment modalities, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, etc.  can have a detrimental effect by keeping the memory recall active.   Sometimes the best treatment is nothing ...and just letting the memory reset.
    The opposite example is often experienced when one receives a extended /multiple body massages and it recalls past injuries in the same part of the body!
    The treatment procedure utilized in N.O.T. /N.O.W is called Injury Recall Technique (IRT).
  • The appropriate treatment looks at the fundamental neurology involved and recalibrating any sensory input devices that have malfunctioned from the recent trauma, or it is a past trauma, resetting the same variables within how the memory itself is stored and then removing the emotional anchor (IRT).
Head Injuries
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