Hormonal Imbalances
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Dr. Walter H. Schmitt, Jr. 
is a chiropractic physician practicing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He is a graduate of Duke University (1970) and the National College of Chiropractic (1974).  He served on the Board of Directors of the International College of Applied Kinesiology for nineteen years and is a charter diplomate of this organization.  In 1991, he received a diplomate in chiropractic neurology from the American College of Chiropractic Neurology.  He was the first doctor to hold diplomate status in both applied kinesiology and neurology. 

His affiliation also include the American Chiropractic Association and the North Carolina Chiropractic Association.  He is an adjunct member of the postgraduate faculty of Logan College of Chiropractic and serves on the Editorial Review Boards of the journals, Chiropractic Technique and Alternative Medicine Review.  Dr. Schmitt is a trustee for the Foundation for Allied Conservative Therapies Research (FACTR).

Dr. Schmitt is the author of two books, Common Glandular Dysfunctions in the General Practice (1981) and Compiled Notes on Clinical Nutritional Products (second edition, 1990).  He has authored 67 papers for ICAK meetings and has published nearly 30 papers in chiropractic trade journals.  He frequently lectures to professional groups both nationally and internationally.  His lectures and papers include such subjects as pain and pain relief, functional endocrine problems, the relationships between body chemistry imbalances and structural faults, and applied kinesiology, particularly the use of muscle testing in enhancing neurological diagnosis of functional problems.  In 1983, he served on a special Chiropractic Research Protocol Committee formed by the United States Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Modalities Commission. 
Common symptomotology of 
estrogen / progesterone imbalances.

A brief discussion of generalized insights relating to glandular dysfunction in women
by a knowledgeable colleague 
Dr. Walter Schmitt.
Dr. Walter Schmitt, DC
213 Providence Road  Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 419-9099
Did you know
 that grapefruit juice enhances Estrogen levels in the blood by inhibiting enzymes in the liver.

St. Johns Wart does the opposite.  It reduces Estrogen levels and the effects of Statin Drugs by facilitating enzyme activity in the liver.
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