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Methylation ~ Detoxification Issues

Common and often critical nutritional deficiency(s), are based in genetics. 
A significant percent of the population (~35%) may have varying difficulties in converting certain nutrients in food to usable activated vitamins.  If one has a chronic health issue, especially related to detoxification, then this may apply to you. 

The nutrients that are of primary concern are: 
Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, B12, and B2.
If you believe you fall into this group, you will require the activated form of one or more of the above vitamins.  Most nutritional companies that sell a multivitamin product will not include the activated form. You need to read the label carefully and because the activated form is actually a man made variation, the cost is significantly higher to produce.  

These deficiencies are caused by a single nucleotide genetic polymorphism (SNP) that results in a reduced efficiency of a liver metabolic process called Methylation.  Methylation is a critical chemical process that takes place in the liver and is critical in detoxification and energy production.   

To learn more listen to a you-tube video by a colleague Dr. Walter Schmitt.

To read a 2 page summary about  Methylation (PDF File) click on this link here or to learn more follow the link of Dr. Laurie Mueller on left. 

Also the Khan Academy always does a good job in explaining this and many health related  issues.