"Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To"
by David Sinclair, PhD ...professor of genetics at Harvard medical school.
In the YouTube Video below he presents a fascinating 25 minute lecture @Goggle September 22nd 2019.   He has also authored several books on the topic available on Amazon, especially "Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To".

I bring this to your attention because I found that his explanation describes a concept known in physiology/genetics that follows a core belief and methodology of my work.  As you listen to his lecture, (at about 6,10,13 minutes), he offers the answer, as cellular information.  In his detailed explanation of how and why we age, he explains how information is turned on and off in our genes by Epigenome Processes and how that information determines the activities of the cell especially how it will repair and replace itself!
Epigenome is not epigenetics.  Epigenome processes are like the software and the genome (genes) is the hardware!  Software reads the data stored in the hardware/disk storage.
Longevity is preserving genetic information from epigenome processes [reacting to life's stressors, i.e. internal & external environmental epigenetic factors].

If you were to ask me to explain in one sentence what I am doing on follow up treatment session when I ask you to do alternate leg raising and looking up the left & up to right, I would commonly say instructing the nervous system to remove compensations that are no longer needed. By removing unneeded compensations acquired from past injuries, illnesses, and toxicities, one's neurological and physiological efficiency is improved. This will result in present time health improvement in both speeding up a healing process and increased vitality.  Actually its a process of cleaning up and optimizing neural and internal cellular communication. 

Dr Sinclair explains this better than I, in the fascinating lecture below. I'm in agreement with him that it is internal cellular genetic communication that is the key to longevity and a healthy body.
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