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Does Vaccinations = Immunizations
are they helpful or harmful?

There is a huge debate as to whether receiving a vaccination actually imparts immunization.

Receiving a vaccine will trigger an immune response:
  • Will this vaccination really provoke a long lasting immune response or will it trigger a  delayed Auto-Immune response decades later?
  • Can it be that a vaccine which triggers an immediate alarm response via an injection (delivered directly into the tissues/blood) without first encountering the body's first-line defenses (skin, digestive system be the most appropriate way to teach the immune system?
  • Are you just hedging your bets that this vaccine which is essentially a milder insult of the disease/illness is worth the risk than getting a full blown case.  Maybe if you are elderly and have a weak immune system that could not resist the real disease ...this could be a good idea.
  • Do your infants and  children need to be vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases?  Maybe the public health department is suggesting vaccination(s) against these disease as a way to minimize these disease in unscrupulous behaviors of  young adults later in life.  Perhaps in situations where the family unit has disintegrated into chaos and or parental control of young adults are compromised, then public health mandates can offer control at a young age (newborns-early childhood) in these situations.

If one feels exorbitantly pressured to vaccinate their infant, then my simple advise would be ...wait till your toddler is at least 2 years old and eating solid food.  Once a toddler is eating solid food, one's immune system is essentially fully functions and mature enough to minimize a severe adverse vaccine reaction.

Most holistic care physicians do not let their children be vaccinated. Physicians families are the highest population group that does not vaccinate their children.
Vaccination / Immunizations
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Vaccinations Laws are still in Flux  (old information 2016)

Senate Bill 277 ~ Elimination of Vaccination Person Belief Exemption ~ passed in the California legislatures and was signed by the governor on June 26, 2015.  Note that your child's physician does have the authority to grant a medical waiver if he or she concludes that there are circumstances for which the child's health could be compromised by vaccination(s).

My colleague Dr. Tim O'Shea has prepared two letters that may prove very helpful in establishing your rights to restrict implementation of this proposed vaccination law SB277.

Letter to schools for school age children  (PDF File
Letter for new born & infants & toddlers to hospital and pediatric physicians  (PDF)

Edit these letters as needed.
Presently there is no way to avoid vaccinations at daycare centers, they follow different state laws.
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PDF file (Physicians that will work with you)

For Up to date information please contact / website of the:
National Vaccine Information Center.
NVIC Website
will assist in qualifying and completing a medical exemption. And Pediatricians whom will not expel children from the practice whom have delayed vaccination schedules.
Goverment Website
Video Link U-Tube
Goverment Website
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World Mercury Project
Report and Share Your Vaccine Experiences

National Vaccine Information website provides visitors with many ways to access, report and share information about vaccination, including information about personal experiences with vaccine risks and failures. You can:

File a vaccine reaction report describing a vaccine reaction, injury or death with NVIC's 36-year old Vaccine Reaction Registry.

Post a vaccine reaction report describing a vaccine reaction, injury or death and include a photo or video on the online Memorial for Vaccine Victims.

Post a vaccine failure report if a vaccine failed to protect you or your child from disease on the Vaccine Failure Wall.

Post a report if you were bullied, threatened or punished by a doctor, government official or employer for making a vaccine choice on the
Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall.