N.O.W.  Seminars

Manual One (preview)
(Survival Systems)

  • The Basic Survival Systems Instruction manual is presently being revised by the newly formed international organization N.O.T.-IP (2014)


Manual Two  (preview)
(Language processing and Brain Integration)

  • Table of Contents & Foreword (section IV)
  • Learning Disabilities (theory) p 1 (section IV)
  •    * Cranial Corrections p 2-5
  • V.O.R. Corrections p 6
  • Auditory Processing p 7
  • Eye Tracking & Teaming p 8
  • Secondary Processing Deficits p 9
  • * Attention Deficit Disorder P 11
  • Emotional Overlays p 12-13
  • Deep Level Switching (section V)
  • * Emotional Factors p1-3
  • Deep Hidden Switching (section VI)
        * Clearing Emotional Issues p1-3
  • Depression (section VII)
Manual Three   (preview)
(Enhancing  Immune System Function & Treatment of Somatic Illnesses)

  • Section VIII
Core Immune System Enhancement (theory)
Spleen - Thymus -Central Nervous System
Macrophages- B & T Lymphocytes
  • Section IX
Functional Somatic Illnesses  (theory)
Heavy Metal [Hg] Toxicity
Bone Infection
Herpetic Virus
Syphilinum Miasm & Other Miasms
  • Section X
Common Systemic Protocols
Parasites & Candida Infections
Common Cold
Parathyroid & Cardiac Reset
Tissue Repair & Additional Concepts
Manual Four  (preview)
(Emotional Overlays a 15 minute protocol)

  • Screening & Evaluation
  • Correctional Protocol
  • Summaries

Dr. Corwin's 2008 Tribute Presentation of  Dr. Ferreri's Life Long Work at the
International Energy Kinesiology Conference
of successful  treatment outcomes

Topic:  "Identifying Levels of Emotional Overlays"
Date:         July 6th & 7th 2014
Location:  Davenport  Iowa
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