Hi Dr. Corwin,                                  Received 02/09/2011 ~ with permission

Remember us? My daughter  has seen you several times for treatment for scoliosis. The first doctor we saw, at Children's Hospital Oakland, measured her curve at 33 degrees in August 2010. Our current doctor, at UCSF thought it was somewhere between 28-30). The first doctor recommended she wear a brace for about 2 years, and he was not hopeful even the brace would prevent her curve from worsening.

E.... has not worn a brace. She saw you for three appointments, and has been doing yoga and pilates exercises on her own daily.  Last week she had her follow up appointment with Dr. Berven (and new x-ray), and Dr.  Berven measured her curve at 12 degrees - her back is almost completely straight. He doesn't think he's ever seen such a dramatic improvement!

I wanted you to know how much you have helped E.
Please feel free to use this information and pass it on to anyone who may need some inspiration! I would love to use what we've learned to help other people facing this situation.

Hope all is well with you, and thanks again, 

Susan  S
Dear Dr. Corwin,
I saw you last year for treatment of my "scoliosis." I am so truly grateful to you and I just wanted to check in a year later and let you know that my body is so so so so much easier to live in now than ever before in my life. Most significantly, the constant pressure and twisting sensation in my upper back that gave me so much pain my entire life is gone. And, I enjoy being an inch and a half taller, too!

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. I would be happy to act as a resource to anyone with scoliosis considering treatment with you.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth C
(Decemeber 2008)
Hi Dr. Mitchell:

  Michelle is doing very well.  She has recovered from the flight.  Michelle loved being with you and Juliana and Ariana and is nostalgic about it.  She says she wishes she could have stayed longer. 

She is doing the exercises as best as she remembers but your video will be most helpful so she gets it right.

Great news is she has an appetite!  She is eating more at each meal and actually saying her stomach is growling and she wants to eat.  That's a miracle in itself.

I've been taking her out where she can safely have a long run.  I drive along slowly on the opposite side of the country road (because I'can't  run or walk much with with Atrial Fibrillation condition).  Maybe you have something I should try for that.

I am amazed at Michelle's  attitude which has changed.  She is much more positive.  Has stopped complaining about everything, which she was doing.  She is thinking "straight spine" and is no longer afraid of scoliosis.  (and neither am I)

She is also going to write about her trip to California now that she has learned the keyboard and beginning to use WORD.  She is keen on  importing  her drawings and her photos as part of her story about it. 

She really is a new child, sleeping about 12 hours each night, though going to bed much later and getting up much later.  I would say I see a major (and much awaited) change from the negative (fears) to the more positive "can do" attitude.  I can't say thank you enough and please thank Ofer too.

Our best wishes to you and your lovely family,

Fran and Michelle
(Vermont)   July 2010

I just wanted you to know that ever since my last visit with you (you performed a brain/heart miracle), my BP has consistently remained in the desired range and often lower. The only short exception was when lab tests showed my potassium level was too low; but that was corrected by making sure I ate a banana every day! I am so very grateful 

Thank you very much for your sensitivity and knowledge, and for your willingness to share so generously with so many people.

Many thanks!!

Linda D
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Grayce Marie Stratton, Psy.D.

Dr. Mitchell Corwin

This integrative provider has a unique and effective way of working with the
body, both diagnostically and in terms of treatment.  He is a Medicare provider,
licensed as a chiropractor and practices Neural Organization Technique.  Dr. Corwin
has helped many of my patients (at least 80 of them) in the dozen years since I was
introduced to him by 3 different patients from all over the Bay Area in the same
week!  His approach yields diagnoses and also resetting of the nervous system in
ways that neither neurofeedback nor conventional medicine has been fully able to.
Regrettably, Medicare does not cover well for chiropractic, yet if one has
supplemental insurance, there are more options for reimbursement. 

I recognize that you or your family member may have unique health issues
so thought you might wish to learn about Dr. Corwin’s unusual work.  I rarely see a
conventional physician myself because Dr. Corwin is able both to tell me how well
various organs and physical systems are working at any given point.  His work
lowers physiological and emotional stress that the body often stores and typically
mitigates effects of injury related trauma as he demonstrates both how it
manifests in particular cases and indicate when that trauma has lost its
undermining effects due to a unique way of improving, sometimes correcting,
aberrant neural signaling.  

On the practical side Dr. Corwin can check nutrient and hormonal levels
without blood or urine tests and search for and find various microbes* while
discerning whether medications or supplements one may be taking are actually
compatible with a person’s own physiology while revealing hidden toxicities (e.g.,
heavy metals or biochemical contributors).

Dr. Corwin’s rates are reasonable (~$155/hour, Do check with him or his
staff about this however).   Office:   510-845-3246.

*Dr. Corwin diagnosed my own daughter with Lyme disease and a specific, surprising additional infection  after 3 years of pain and immensely life sabotaging distressing symptoms, thereby allowing her finally to be correctly treated after a number of the best MDs in the country had been unable identify her illnesses and an effective way to
treat them.