Dr. Mitchell Corwin, D.C.  is an integrative holistic health care practitioner of 40+ years utilizing an eclectic blending of energetic and applied kinesiology techniques. His practice specializes in challenging health issues ranging from chronic neurological conditions, scoliosis, fatigue, digestive disorders to language processing problems.  Dr. Corwin is trained as a classic Applied Kinesiologist practicing under the license of chiropractic.
Office Policy
Office visits are scheduled in one hour visits. Extended visits may run 90 minutes or longer if necessary to accommodate anyone traveling a long distance.

Missed Appointments are not tolerated as I have allocated 1 hour for your visit.  

Appointment failure without a good reason:  
1st offense [an excuse is need] ...2nd [a better excuse is need]...3rd your file will be misplaced!

Last minute cancellations, please call or text Dr. Corwin  (Cell 510.367.8475)  or

Cancellation policy: Please try to call within 48 hours to best allow us to offer your visit time to someone else.
Read Informed Consent Notice
This office will take every precaution to protect your health information and privacy however; there can be an incidental disclosure of phone messages due to an open front desk / common waiting room.   Please note my computer that maintains patient information and billing is located at my home and is of vintage type that is not connected to the Internet.

Please note that many insurance carriers request doctors files (i.e. doctors progress notes and the intake form you filled out) so include only the information you want others to peruse.
Verbal or written permission will be sought before communicating relevant health information to other health care providers or family members.
Billing and periodic statements will be provide:
  • As a courtesy, I will submit an itemized claim form to your insurance If I have incomplete information, the claim form will be mailed to you to complete and forward to your carrier.
  • All medicare billing will be completed as required by law
  • You may also request a summary statement for taxes or medical savings account at anytime.  Feel free to email me with that request.
Office Hours and How to Schedule an Appointment: 
(leave message and we'll return your call for immediate response or 
Text Dr. Corwin 510.367.8475  or  email dr.corwin@comcast.net

Berkeley Office Hours:                                         Pleasant Hill Office Hours:                       Pleasanton Office Hours  

Wednesday   10:00am  - 6:00pm                                  Thursday  9:00am - 4:00pm                             Tuesdays (10:00am - 6:00pm) 
Saturday         9:30am  -  5:00pm 
.Parking available on-street                                              Parking is plentiful                                         Parking is plentiful  
 1 hour metered directly in front or
 2 hour around the corner on claremont ave
 or use parking lot behind office 
 controlled by Douglas Parking $2 per hr.         
Education & Background

Degrees:     Licensed  California Chiropractic Physician 1979  (Lic.#12144). 
My medical education began in 1972 attending National College  of Chiropractic and graduating from New York College of Chiropractic in 1979.  I have been in clinical practice since 1980.

Ones education is on on going process.   I regularly attend  educational lectures in addition to the state mandated continuing education requirements.

I am affiliated with a chiropractic/applied kinesiology technique called "Neural Organization Technique" since 1982.
Additionally I teach Neural Organization Technique /Work to health care practitioners in the United States and Europe.  
I am presently the president of  Neural Organization Technique - International.

Dr . Corwin's Resume ...PDF file download

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             Active member of:                                

My purpose is to address your health concerns swiftly and cost effectively.  To accomplish this, I work in 60 minute appointments.   This time frame allows me to accomplish the necessary work to minimize recidivism and maximize response to care.  My goal is to identify the causative factor(s) and return your  body, mind and spirit to optimal health.
Dr. Mitchell Corwin, D.C.
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Office Visit Fees
  • Initial Office Visit Fee:  $155 ...Consultation, Evaluation and Treatment (60 minutes)
  • Follow Up Visits:           $155 ...Generally scheduled weekly (60 min. appointments)
  • ...Long Term Patients may have a lower Fee Schedule

Dr. Corwin is not a preferred provider for an insurance carrier nor an enrolled Medicare Provider. 
If Insurance information is provided, I will complete a statement and mail it to the appropriate carrier.
Medicare statements will processed as required by law. Please note Medicare covers only a small portion of provider services.  Follow this link to read the ...Medicare Advanced Beneficiary & Notice of Non-Covered services.
Payment is expected at the time of service.  

Whatever fee schedule one starts at will remain the same throughout your active care. 
If finances are a challenge, you may plead your case to Julaina and she may allow a reduced fee of $125 representing our prior fee schedule of years ago.     > bonus offer <      
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Bonus Offer

If you are able make an appointment on your birthday,  the visit is free!  If your birthday does not fall on a day during my work week, better luck next year!
Dr. Mitchell Corwin
Cell Phone:   510.367.8475
D.O.B.:June 26, 1953
E-Mail:  dr.corwin@comcast.net

Professional      Graduate New York College of Chiropractic   December 1977
Education:         National College of Chiropractic Lombard, Illinois 1974-1975
                          Matriculated Rutgers University New Jersey 1971-1974

Licenses:          California  # DC12144  Active  (renewal date June 30, annually)
                         New York ~ Inactive     New Jersey ~ Inactive    Florida ~ Inactive

Certifications    Disability Evaluator   1980-1982 California Chiropractic Association
                         Applied Kinesiologist   Clinical practitioner
                         Neural Organization Technique   Instructor 1988- present

Professional Experience:
Private Practice
Claremont Chiropractic Center  1983 to present
  2914 Domingo Ave Berkeley CA 94705   (510) 845.3246

Pleasant Hill Office  2010 to present
  Office of Dr. John Erdmann, DC, DBIAK
  1924 Oakpark Blvd  Pleasant Hill CA
Pleasanton Office 2019 to present
  Office of  Grayce Marie Stratton, Psy.D.
  4450 Black Avenue, Suite E Pleasanton

 •Healing Center for The Arts  January 2010 to 2020
   19343 Sonoma Hwy #12   Sonoma CA 95476 

​Group Practice
Health Medicine Center  2005 to 2010
  Integrative Medical Center  (Director Len Saputo, M.D.)
  1620 Riviera Ave Walnut Creek CA 94596

Oakbay Chiropractic  1979 to 1982
   2976 Summit Street (Pill Hill) Oakland 
Total Health Medical Center  1981-1982
   Sports Fitness Clinic (Pax Beale Director)
   40th Street Oakland

Professional Speaking:
Instructor  Neural Organization Technique Seminars England  2003-2004
Instructor  Neural Organization Technique Seminars Virginia  2004-2005
Instructor  Neural Organization Technique Seminars Utah  2005 
Guest speaker  Prescriptions for Health (KEST Radio) Applied kinesiology,  2007, Metal Toxicity  2007
Speaker   Health Medicine Forum 
  (The dental connection, exploring the relationship between dental health and chronic disease 2007)
Speaker /panel   Health Medicine Forum  (Manage your pain, exploring drug less therapies 2007)
Speaker /panel   Health Medicine Forum  (Body work experience 2007)
Speaker /panel   Health Medicine Forum  (Manage your pain, exploring drug less therapies 2007)
Speaker /panel   Health Medicine Forum  (practitioner panel Rossmoor health services 2007
Speaker  Energy Kinesiology Association Annual conference June 2008 & 2018 & 2019
East Bay Functional Forum  (Metal Toxicity within the CNS) March 2019

 Professional Organizations:
Member  International College of  Applied Kinesiologist 1979- present
Member  California Chiropractic Association  1980-present
Member  Florida Chiropractic Association 1979- present
Member  Energy Kinesiology Association 1999–2009 & 2018
  Board of directors 2000-2006
  Website committee chairman 2003-2006
  Website coordinator 2002- 2011
  Research coordinator 1985-1990
Member  International Association of Neural Organization Technique 1983 – present
  President N.O.T. International Professional 2011- present
  Website developer 2011- present
California Chiropractic Association:
   Outstanding new doctor (Alameda County) of the year 1981
   Alameda county chiropractic county president 1980-1982
   Alameda county chiropractic county director 1982-1986
   PAC county representative 1984-1988
   Long range planning committee 1986
   Bay Area Chiropractic Society 1984-1990
   Doctor / Student Liaison 1985- 1986  Life West Chiropractic College
   Council on Technique 1988-1992
   Council on Mental Health 1988-1990
   Foundation for Chiropractic Education & Research 1988-1996
   Extension Faculty 1991 Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Professional Organizations:
  Member  International College of  Applied Kinesiologist 1979- present
​  Member Florida Chiropractic Association 1979- present
  Member  Energy Kinesiology Association  1999 – 2009 & 2018
  •Board of directors 2000-2006
  •Website committee chairman 2003-2006
  Member  International Association of Neural Organization Technique 1983 – present
  •President N.O.T. International Professional 2011-present
  •Website coordinator 2002- 2011
  •Research coordinator 1985-1990

Professional Affiliations:
 Membership Chairperson  Health Medicine Forum 2007-2010
 (non-profit public education organization  www.healthmedicine.org)
 Member  National Association of Nutritional Professional 2006- 2009
 Member  Learning Disability Association 1986-1996
 Member  Marin Puzzle People 1986 – 1996
 Member  National Learning Disability Network 1990-1996
 Professional Member Holistic Moms Network 2007-2009

Professional Publications:
Case Study, “Applied Kinesiology approach to learning disabilities”
Collected papers (non-peer reviewed journal) June 1986
International College of  Applied Kinesiology
Pilot Study, “Evaluate the efficacy of neural organization technique on grade school children with
learning disabilities” 1987 (unpublished)
Paper and presentation “Essential evaluation tools for the Kinesiology practitioner” at the annual conference 
Energy Kinesiology Association 2005 
Other Professional Publications:
Teaching Manuals (author)
Neural Organization Technique   Level I  (Basic workshop manual Survival systems) 1995
Neural Organization Work   Advanced I  (Language processing) 2000
Neural Organization Work   Advanced II  (Enhancing Immune System Function) 2002
Neural Organization Work Advanced III  (Identifying levels of emotional of overlays   2006
Monthly Research Reports Neural Organization Technique Website 2012-present