An auto immune reaction is described as the body's immune system attacking self, i.e. an example of mistaken identity.   The question is why?  

One researcher that has made significant inroads is Aristo-Vojdani-PhD.  He describes in his 2013 paper, "Environmental Factors and Autoimmune Disease"  the sequence that can result in an auto immune response.  Whether it be a pharmaceutical, vaccine residue, bacterial or viral agent, and or a toxic chemical that binds to human tissue(s) ...resulting in slight modification of our cells that trigger an antibody production resulting in an immune system response.  Often this inappropriate immune system response is commonly triggered by any combination of factors below.

Common Triggers are (as described by Aristo-Vojdani-PhD):

  • Chronic infection/inflammation that goes untreated.
  • Toxic chemicals that are know to cause such a reaction are numerous with one of the most common being Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastics that leach out into water in water bottles or food from plastic food containers.  This leaching process is activated by heat and direct sunlight.

  • Pesticides, herbicides and many other chemical have a similar mechanism of action as toxic chemicals that can bind to human tissue , resulting in antibody production against our own tissues.

  • Medications taken for extended periods of time have been know to induce autoimmune reactions from the synthetic chemical pharmaceutical itself and or the preservative in it.

  • Microbial infections that release biotoxins (metabolic wastes from the microbe) can reactivate with human proteins changes the characteristics and triggering an autoimmune response.  Microbes that are know to trigger such a response are: mycoplasma, rota-virus, chlamydia, klebsiella, and campylobacterjejuni (food poison) and others.

  • Any source of  foreign proteins (other than properly digested foods) that enters the blood or body tissues (especially injections) runs a high risk of autoimmune response.  Vaccines are in the very suspicious category.

  • Undigested middle and large molecular weight food particles up regulate the Gut Immune system.   Gluten, casein, and gliadin proteins are common offenders.

The Body should never lose the capacity to distinguish between self and non-self.
Auto immune reactions should not necessarily be mistaken as a weak immune system, however one needs to understand potential biochemical reactions of the above listed examples.  

It is my personal belief that vaccinations especially given to infants and very young children as well as adults plays a significant role in Auto Immune issues especially later on in life.

It is believed that there can be a significant delay of 1 - 2 - 3 decades or more for some autoimmune reactions to become clinically expressive.  It can be in any area from central nervous system (especially limbic areas in the brain) to organs/glands (thyroid), bones/joints, etc.

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What is an Auto Immune Response
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