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Comments about office visit fees and insurance coverage / reimbursement Dr. Corwin's fees are consistent with the services provided
Dr. Corwin's fees are to high
Dr. Corwin's fees are low for the services and patient contact time
My Insurance generally partially covers Dr. Corwin's services
My Insurance generally does not cover Dr. Corwin's services
I take advantage of Dr. Corwin's birthday visit
Comments about the Services received at this office? Dr. Corwin is the best kept secret in town
Dr. Corwin adrressed my health concerns beyond my expectations
My expectations were not meet and I discontinued care
Appointment time with Dr. Corwin was adequate in length
I appreciated the effecieny in which Dr. Corwin addressed my health concerns
My overall experience was good
My overall experience was not satisfactory
Dr. Corwin adequately explains the services provided
Dr. Corwin could improve on the explaination of the services provided
Availability and scheduling of appointments was adequate
Availability and scheduling of appointments was inadequate
I would recommend Dr. Corwin to family and friends
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