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  [corona virus report] 
that was correlated by my colleague Dr. Grayce Stratton  Pleasanton office.

Recommended reading for information about the corona virus (covid-19), precautions, etc. is to peruse the CDC website

For detailed information about the genomics of this virus,
 Genomic characterization and epidemiology of novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor binding 
Covid-19 (corona virus)
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  •  Comprehensive discussion of Covid-19  (by Ninja Nerd Science) Discussing pharmaceutical and hospital therapies and self-care outlined
    on white board 
    (30 minute video). 

  • Discussion of Physiology of Covid-19  (below)
    with emphasis on does and don't with self-care using nutritional and herbals.
    Presented below by fellow colleagues of  I.C.A.K.
Preventative and Self Care Recommendations
Comments by Dr. Walter Schmitt  (private use only)